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August 2: Guernsey

Inauspicious beginnings. I’m up hours earlier than breakfast will arrive, sensor lights kicking on and off as the hangers in my closet swing and the TV rattles ominously in the bracket as we anchor off the coast of Guernsey.

Breakfast arrives, disappointing. The coffee is delivered as hot water (they correct this once I realize and report it). The breakfast roll is soggy, the Raisin Bran I ordered is instead Fruit and Fiber, the milk seems slightly sour. Even the bacon is — okay the bacon is good it’s just, extra salty? Is that a thing?

Anyway, S and I meet a lovely couple, Joy and Bill, from England as we procure a better breakfast at the buffet. They get us laughing and then it’s just about time to get ourselves ready to head via water shuttle to Guernsey and our respective tours for the day.

It wasn’t long to get out tickets called, and then we were off to Guernsey for a bit of exploration before our tours.

Port St Peter Parish Church

The trip is windy and scenic, but a bit sleepy. The shore is rocky and craggy (though in places also quite beautiful.

There’s a fog, so we can’t see nearby Jersey.

But we do see a good bit of this lovely place.

For all it’s small, it’s rich in history. And quite warm today. We get back in time for dinner, and then back to our respective rooms.

Goodnight! Tomorrow we arrive in Ireland.