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August 1: Embark In Southampton

We’re both awake too early. This makes no sense; it’s small hours of the morning back home. Still, here we are.

We grab breakfast and pull ourselves together to get to our pickup point. It’s 0.8 miles to Victoria Coach Station. We could walk it were it not for the luggage. We could walk it with luggage we’re it not for the uneven sidewalks. Cab drivers need to earn a living too.

We arrive early for our pickup and are still on the final bus. On the bus though. That means in transit to the ship. 🙂

Some two hours later we speed through the line and onto the ship. We start to get our bearings. S has been on 6 other ships this year, but in this case on the Emerald, I’m the one with the advantage. All of her cruises have been on ships with the new layout; this is the old layout – I was on a ship very like this one when I went to Asia on the Sapphire.

We get our bearings a bit – one technical snafu when once again Princess has updated my DOB so it isn’t mine – but at least that’s just affecting the app and not my boarding.

Things will sort.

Here’s an idea: “Tell me you’re on a cruise without saying you’re on a cruise.”

Dessert for the night