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We have two days here but we lost half of the first one to travel and jet lag. We did drag ourselves up from our nap to go ride the last loop of the HopOn/HopOff bus.

We didn’t have enough sleep between us to actually do any hopping. Or any “doing” really. We just listened to the audio tour and watched the city as we passed through. It was all our brains could handle, and it was good.

Tower Bridge as seen from London Bridge

London Bridge as seen from Tower Bridge.

Fortunately London Bridge was NOT falling down (falling down, falling down) since we’d just driven across it!

Finally, we made the whole loop and we Hopped Off to head toward home (hotel), scout food, and get some more sleep. A plate of fish and chips, a short walk and Tube ride, and we were done.

4am local time. 11pm at home Oh my sweet Lord my head aches. Meds, water, attempted to sleep…

7:45 am: Why in the name of all that’s holy is there still an alarm turned on for my phone?!?

9am: What is going on with alarms oh no wait that’s S’s alarm for her pre-boarding video-monitored COVID test.

She’s negative. As am I. Tomorrow, to the ship. Today: Tower Bridge, Tower of London. The Shard and a Thames River tour.

Verdict: 150% visit London. 200% spend more time than we have on this visit.

Now excuse me, we need to pop out and see Westminster Abbey and Parliament, and Buckingham Palace, up close.

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