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Virtual Japan: Takasaki

I hit the 80% mark and also année postcard … woot woot progress!

The accompanying email gives me the usual local color, including this nugget:

Takasaki is known for its Daruma doll, a hollow, round doll, usually painted red, depicting a bearded man. It is meant to symbolise good luck. The town is also known for the towering 138ft (42m) and 6,000 tonne statue of the Goddess of Mercy (Byakue Dai-Kannon). During the Edo period, Takasaki was a castle town and one of the largest towns on the Nakasendo. 

So as usual this all just makes me want to go to the place in real life.

And as usual, I’m anxious to reach the goal. 80% down, 20% to go!

I better get walking!