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August 10: Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland

We gave serious thought to Not going off ship today. We’ve had a lot of port days in a row (which I love usually) and excursions every day (again, that’s generally fine as well) but they’ve also all been early mornings. And often, all day-ers.

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August 7: Depart Glasgow and at Sea

Technically we depart Glasgow around 3am. This is for those who took the evening excursion to Edinburgh for the Tattoo. We were scheduled to sail at 2am, with all expected on board by 1:30am.

One bus back from the Tattoo was late — probably because it was waiting for misplaced people. Apparently those folks ended up returning to the ship via taxi, having at last missed the bus which needed to get the rest of the tour back. We sailed once we had them on board.

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August 6: Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland

For those who want to ride across to Edinburgh for the Tattoo, that’s an option. S and I are scheduled to see the Highlands. A bit of a timing misunderstanding rushes our breakfast but we get to the tour on time to hop on our bus for a rainy day in Scotland.

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