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VAL: Along the Dead Sea

On the Virtual African Loop (VAL) I’m still in Israel, currently along the Dead Sea.

Street View current location: Dead Sea

The border with Jordan runs through the middle of the Dead Sea. On the TLR trek, however, I’ve long since passed Jordan and am solidly in Syria to the north now.

Anyway, here on the VAL I’m sidetracking through Israel and Jordan before returning to the Loop proper. My current location puts me not terribly far from the Zohar Fortress. Which looks pretty cool.

So that’s the update on the VAL. Within a day or two I should reach Bethlehem and Jerusalem, before turning toward Jordan. So maybe more to share en route when I get there.

Keep on going!

In case anyone forgot what the VAL route looks like. Blue line: completed; Red line: still ahead.

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