Of wind and rain, sunrise and… weeds

The storms rolled in just after work. The wind whipped and lights flickered.

For my folks, they flickered out for what became about 12 hours. I invited them to come and stay – especially if the temps started to rise again. They declined.

About an hour after their power came on, my lights were on as well. Purposefully: I had a commute ahead of me.

Remember the commute? Ah yes, it’s still occasionally a thing.

The sun was already painting the sky in shades of pink and orange as I began. By the time I reached the bridge, the sun was up, light at low angles lighting up the struts and making them gleam.

And out of the sewer, the pervasive growth of weeds becomes tree-like:


I can’t tell what that is exactly. It looks like a wild grapevine which would be unfortunate as that is desperately difficult to get rid of. They so, so do not want that spreading through their sewers.

(Actually there’s a drain about 2 blocks from my house that looks to have a small maple trying to root out of it. I’m sure that won’t cause any long term problems in our aging water system. )

Anyway I’ve made it to the office for my periodic appearance. I hope to leave again soon.