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VAL: Israel

My Virtual African Loop makes its side-loop. That will mean a stroll through ancient cities: Bethlehem and Jerusalem in Israel, Petra in Jordan.

Made it to Israel

But my virtual arrival in Israel means I needed to make a new dish to take this imaginary travel and “bring it to life”

Fortunately a few months ago an episode of Milk Street covered an Israeli hummus. So I had that recipe at the ready for my virtual arrival.

I served this to my mom and dad. They don’t usually like hummus so I didn’t tel them is was hummus, just that it was in that family.

Also: I was afraid it would be too salty. It was not. Maybe because my tahini was unsalted, it was actually a little bland.

But with salt, it wasn’t bad. If I’d added garlic I might have loved it.

Verdict: Good. Might try again!

Narrator voice: she did try it again. With a pinch more salt and a hint of garlic. It was quite nice; especially good on bread, tortilla chips, or celery sticks. Could use more garlic, in fact, but still : tasty.