I have been catching up on the host of medical tests I should have been getting but was either far behind on, or had not done at all.

Any physician visit at all, really. I’m faithful about the dentist but not much else.

Detailed bloodwork, not just the half-assed health check for insurance. Done. ✅

And redone so that was … fun?

The mammogram I was 9 years late for, after being 5 years late to the party the first time. Done.

The colonoscopy I should have had done something like 5-15 years ago. Done.

The gynecology visi— 🚫

Oh well that was postponed. By the doctor. The day after they asked me to confirm I’d be there. I confirmed… and then 24 hours later they rescheduled me.

So that’s … more fun times to look forward to.

Or a brief reprieve I guess.

All depends how you look at it.

Does this convey “things looming ahead”? Because between the GYN visit and the next colonoscopy in 3 years… things looming is the vibe.

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