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Virtual Fellowship: The Medals

Most of the Conqueror medals arrive in a slip of a container, with just enough heft to protect the quality design and not-inconsequential weight of the medal, but maintaining a low package profile for shipping.

The LOTR medals each came in a box just under an inch thick.

Received them all now!
Zoomed in on the titles.

The medals themselves are the usual high quality I’ve come to know from the Conqueror, and each one is themed for the section of the trek they represent.

The one for the Shire, which is of course first, opens up to reveal a Ring. There’s a placeholder on the final medal, in Mordor, to place it within that medal, as its final testing place.

Or leave it as it came.

Or you could wear it, I guess. I didn’t seem to disappear when I was fiddling with it to get the photos. But your mileage may vary.

Anyway, I wasn’t so sure about this one going in – I like real places I can visit (other than yes New Zealand where the films were shot). But it was a lot of fun, scratching fitness, literary, and movie-buff inclinations at once!

Excuse me, I must get back to pedaling the virtual Appalachian Trail. Good grief.

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