(Un) broken windows

The window in the spare room had cracked.

My best guess is that one of the shoots off the tree had caught up in the wind and smacked right into it, cracking the outer pane.

(Double panes meant no water incursion in the house. No leaking. That was good.)

In fact because I don’t really use that room except for guests, and the curtains are usually drawn, I didn’t know it had cracked until we got around to trimming back the tree and saw the damage from outside.

That was late fall 2019. I know, I know.

But I started making calls. I got recommendations. And no one would fix a window. No one would replace just one window (or even just 2 if I replaced both of the front windows to ensure they would match).

No one would take such a small job.

Then I had two trips scheduled over the holidays – first to Asia and then to Europe.

And then it was early 2020. And there was a pandemic. No one was coming into anyone”s house.

But you know. Vaccines are a thing. The new variants are slightly less deadly than the early versions. I wear a mask around people anyway…

And now, I can find people willing to replace a couple of windows.

Took a while to get them in stock (supply chain issues are real, yo) and we had to reschedule twice for weather and staffing.

But as of today, my windows are once again… unbroken!

Now if I just don’t get COVID from guys unmasked coming and going, I’ll be in great shape!