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VAL: Did I say Egypt?

Okay so, Gringita, you made it to (virtual) Egypt.

And there’s a Conqueror challenge set in Giza. And you usually do the challenges, don’t you?

Yea I do. And I will. Just not yet. I’ll be (virtually) cutting through Egypt, up into Israel and Jordan, then back through Egypt and across Northern Africa. So I plan to start the Giza challenge on the second half of the crossing.

But I’ll do my Egyptian meal at this end.

So, what did I make?

EGYPTIAN TA’AMIYASe, or fava bean falafel, using this recipe.

The results were… inoffensive.

A bit questionable to look at in process.

Delightfully crunchy when finished.

Freshly cooked and pending assembly
in pita with tahini

But ultimately, not my cup of tea. Too much dill, too much parsley. Maybe I’ll try again with different elements tweaked.

Or … maybe not.

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