Blind rage

For the very first time ever my country just took a legal right away from its citizens.

Just ruled that was happens to some people’s bodies is allowed to be under state control.

That privacy isn’t really a right.

The same court that felt it was overreach to mandate masks during a fucking pandemic (you know, a thing where you could infect people around you and they could die because you couldn’t be bothered to wear a piece of fabric on your face) decided the state can reach into a person’s uterus and make decisions about what happens in there.

And that is WRONG.

In some states that will mean even if a pregnant person is at medical risk, even if she’s been raped, even if she is a literal child herself, she must carry that pregnancy to term. Or die trying.

Not that it should matter why she is making the decision. It should be her body and her choice. You might have heard of that, when someone suggested they didn’t want to wear that inconvenient mask or wasn’t comfortable getting a vaccine that could save their life.

Whose body, whose choice? Remind me again?

Granted, it might not be the choice I’d want for anyone, but I still believe the choice should be theirs because they — not I, not you, and certainly not the lawmakers — will live with the long term consequences either way.

But no. Our courts just decided we don’t have rights of self-determination, which means that your body is not fundamentally yours. Or not necessarily, depending who you are.

Note: not one of the states where women’s right to an abortion have been curtailed have added stricter punishment for rape or mandated free contraception (actually some groups would like to eliminate access to that too) — nor offered free maternity care, prenatal care, low-cost child care, mental health services/support, expanded food stamps or housing assistance or parental leave, or you know anything that would actually help someone avoid an unwanted pregnancy, or have better choices of a good life for themselves and the child should they get pregnant.

Which suggests they are PRO BIRTH, not pro life.

And I’m not going to say anything more today, or post the scheduled flotsam, or anything else like that, because I am too absolutely furious to do so. Today’s scheduled post will be tomorrow. Probably. See ya then.

Comments are off, because I just can’t. I am already angry enough to spit and I’m not going to argue with anyone today. If you were here to troll, go elsewhere. If you’re worried about my soul because of my stance on this issue, feel free to pray for me, that’s never a bad course anyway. If you’re out there also feeling mad and sad and all the things, just like me… I know, right?? They have been planning this for 50 years and I promise they are not done rolling back rights yet, so yesterday we were in shock, and today we have to dust ourselves off and start to decide what to do next to fight back.