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Virtual Amalfi: Positano

If Under the Tuscan Sun didn’t make you fall in love with both Tuscany and Positano, I don’t know what to say. I can’t understand I’m that at all.

The accompanying email opens with some more detail…

Perched up in the hills overlooking the sea is the very popular town of Positano. The pastel coloured buildings spilling down the hills give the impression of a dusty rose ombre layered cake. Yet the narrow roads through and around the town with their curves and sharp turns are reminiscent of a Grand Prix Formula 1 track. And then, there’s all the stairs tucked amongst the buildings leading up or down through narrow alleyways.

It has more to say but my little heart aches to go see Positano even as this description makes my legs want to ache from all the climbing.

I bet it’s worth it though. I hope one day I’ll find out! 😉

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