Guess the beverage

Guess what I’m having?

You’d be forgiven if “rum punch” didn’t leap to mind. I have gone on record that I’m not actually a fan of rum generally. Mojito? Pass. Moscow Mule? Yuck. Pina Colada? Nope. Don’t like the rum, the coconut, or the song. Strawberry Diaquiri? Maybe. But honestly I’d rather have it virgin.

But Bajan (Barbadian) 1234 run punch? Well, maybe! Definitely maybe!

So the only negative here was I used grenadine and I don’t love it. Karo is thicker and sweeter (and also, incidentally, not red) and that probably would have been better. But it’s still tasty. And just the thing after a work day where I am just So Over all my clients.

Tomorrow’s another day!

(And there’s more rum punch in the fridge to help me recover from it)


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