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Two Roads Converge

The VAL and TLR pull together now, in Sudan. Specifically, they meet in Khartoum. They’ll run together through Cairo and continue in sync until Taba Egypt.*

The only part in focus is the line that overlaps between the two routes.

At Cairo, I added the roughly 1000-mile side-loop on the VAL to go explore Israel and Jordan. Because of that, the routes continue together until Taba… where the routes will diverge once again, and forever.

At that point, the VAL will loop through Israel and Jordan (briefly overlapping on the return southbound loop the same route the TLR will take northbound through that country) before reentering Egypt and pressing on through Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and back to Morocco.

Meanwhile the TLR presses north through Jordan to Syria, Turkey, Georgia and across virtual Russia.


*Technically my placeholder on each route is in a different place. The TLR is a shorter route, and I’m ahead of myself. So to speak. I reached Khartoum on TLR just as I was crossing the border into Sudan on the VAL