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China and India: I can’t take it anymore

I’m so ready to move on to another challenge and that means I need to get these behind me.

Virtual Great Wall (China)

Pedaled Challenge.

So, here comes the big push. 200+ miles in a few days (because I was playing Beat The Clock against my May cruise). I wanted to come home to a medal and a fresh start.

Doable… if I covered twice my regular distance. And then a little more.

Basically I needed to do 22-30 miles every morning. And then another 22+ miles every evening. Normally I target 21 miles a day.

If I were to finish it before I left, I could start working fresh on the LOTR challenge when I got back off the ship!

Did I make it?

Heck yeah! Actually finished on April 21 but didn’t enter the last entry until April 30 so I’d be home when the medal arrives.

Virtual Golden Triangle (India)

Stepping Challenge

Okay this has been a total slog. Two long challenges with little in the way of street views didn’t help me any.

But actually, if I made my step goals most days (allowing for travel days) there’s no reason I couldn’t get this finished before I get back from Europe. Maybe even fit in something else in the interim.

Did I?

Not only did I finish this but I did the 30 miles of the virtual Berlin Wall challenge and started The Flower Route set in Netherlands. Which I have also subsequently completed.

So there’s all kinds of progress to celebrate!

Not the least of which is not having Virtual India and Virtual Great Wall hanging over me any more.

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