Late night misadventures

It was just after dark when I noticed the first set of flashing lights. That turned out to be EMS for my next door neighbors.

They took my neighbor away – not for the first time – but she seemed awake and alert as they did so that’s encouraging.

Shortly after, the local power company pulled in also. Farther up the cul de sac. Not related to the neighbors’ health issues.

They came and they went.

And then they came back.

Too much activity so late but if it was my power out I’d be awfully thankful they are here.
Also one of my neighbors still has their light up snowman up. Oh-Kay.

So at nearly midnight there are power company trucks and lights doing their thing.

“Their thing” included dismantling a different neighbors’ fence because apparently it was too close to some kind of equipment they needed to access. “Too close” as in, in the way of the hood being removed so they could get into it.

Then they started poking into that equipment for a while until at last…


That is the sound of my carbon monoxide alarm telling me it has no power. Right, because now none of us do.

I step out to find out what the heck and the neighbors on the other side have had the same thought. Apparently we’re all watching.

They got our power back on but the tinkering continues for a while.

They’re packing up trucks. Power is restored. The neighbors will have to think about a different fence because theirs is a shambles.

They head out of the cul de sac but I can see they have stopped halfway up the block again. So it’s a fun night for that team.

Also the power company drives away having left their spotlight on. They’ll be shining lights into peoples windows all the way.