I’m interrupting the weeks and weeks of pre scheduled posts because …

Because I just can’t. More children were shot in school. Books are being banned and rights are being rolled back and COVID is on the rise and Ukraine is still defending its sovereignty as a nation and a democracy, and ours isn’t on the firmest ground it’s ever been on.

And my manager is trying to recover. And his wife is sick too. And my friend was needlessly exposed (when she is SO careful). and our other friend’s momma is in the hospital, when she has so many health issues herself. And I could list all the friends and issues I’m praying for lately but it would take forever, just forever.

Thank God, He already knows.

But as for today’s scheduled flotsam … I just couldn’t. I just can’t.

It’s all too big for me.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the schedule. Today I needed to just… not.

3 thoughts on “Interrupted”

    1. Prayers Up for you and all those you mention, my friend. I hope your boss and his wife are doing okay. You hang in there!!!!

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      1. Our country and our Democracy are still strong. The Coronavirus is exploding again. Another summer of worry and discontent. We will get through this, though, G.


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