Round milestones

The other day I hit 1750 days on Duolingo. Perseverance/stubbornness… potayto/potahto.

Duo milestone

I also hit 150 trees planted via all my Conqueror challenges.

While it’s not exactly a milestone, I did discover that with 10 days on a cruise ship with appallingly slow connection / no streaming more than 220 podcasts can back up. And I’m caught up. So. Yeah. There’s that.

And if you’ve been here all along, you’ve endured more than 870 semi-random posts in a row here on aka Gringita. Perseverance indeed!

Also as a side note this will post on May 23 and my brain feels itchy about that. I’m not sure if I’m picking up birthday and anniversary vibes for a whole month ahead or if I’m forgetting something important. If it’s your important day, I hope it’s happy. I’m sorry I can only sort of remember at the moment. But apparently I didn’t completely forget either. For the very little that is worth.

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