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Virtual Great Wall: Zhangye – and the next thing

Back off the ship and back on the pedaling…

And a postcard to show for it!

Zhangye is a city that sits in the centre of the Hexi Corridor and was an important outpost on the Silk Road. It was also a border town, protecting inner China from the nomads in the northwest…

I’ve reached the 80% mark on this one, and I’ve decided to bike the Lord of the Rings- thened challenges next. So that’s to look forward to. (If you’ve never tried one of these before I don’t know if my referral link for 10% off works toward this set but there it is anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Meanwhile I’m about the same % done for Virtual India/Golden Triangle. For that one, I’ll need to decide agar to work on next.

Décisions, décisions!