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May 4: Southampton England disembarkation and homeward

(Original and secondary itinerary: Copenhagen, Denmark)

To do: get up early. Dress. Grab everything. Check the room twice. Head down to 5 to get a sandwich and a coffee. Rush rush rush. Don’t forget to check in with Amtrak. Rush rush rush.

That’s the plan. But also add in the 2am headache wake up (S says a helicopter was hovering overhead then, so it might have woken me). Medicate. Return to bed. 4:20 wake-up to close the curtains against the light. Good thing, when the alarm goes off we are parked what seems like inches from another ship on the opposite dock. Closed curtains is a boon.

Then the alarm goes off and then the scheduled rush can begin.

Southampton proper is quite pretty as we cut through it to get to the highway.

Heathrow is a bit of a crush but we get checked in without too many issues. (And we make our flights. Only because we all got off at the earliest time. For some reason even though we are all on the same flight, and Princess asked us for the flight detail homework, they had one of us off at the earliest window, and each of the others off 30 and then 60 minutes later. We sorted it, thank heavens because no way I would have made my flight if I’d trusted the later disembarkation.)

But we do make it with no issues.

The flight lands in the USA 10 minutes early. Security and baggage claim take some time but we get sorted. Then I’m off to my train. S takes a Lyft, and is home, showered and in PJs before my train has left the station. P has further to go than S does, and ends up taking a train to a train to a train. She still beat me home though.

My sister and BIL are already waiting at the station when I get out from my train, and deliver me to my door. It is so deeply nice to see them, and to get the updates.

By 10:30pm the first of what will ultimately be multiple loads of laundry is washing.

But the rest will probably have to wait. It’s 5-6 hours later to me, which means I’ve been up almost around the clock.

It’s been fun sharing these updates with you all! But for now…