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May 3: Portland, England

(Original and secondary itinerary: At Sea)

We were going to be up early anyway because our shore excursion takes us hours away from the ship. But it’s also the day before we fly back to the USA. So that means we also needed our COVID tests. Assigned time: 6-6:15 am. Plenty of time to get tested, go back to our rooms to wait, and for me to have breakfast delivered before our 7:15 excursion departure.

Also to see some sea life as we berth.
Harbor porpoises looking very sharky

Our tour today takes us 2 hours each way – a very long bus ride indeed. But harbor, churches, sheep, and fields of rapeseed later (not to mention a little catnap)…

… we get to our destination.

In case you were wondering why I am outdoors, apparently alone, and masked… I am actually in a crush of people all shooting pics also.
But the angles are right that you can’t generally tell how crowded it is. Still impressive either way.

We aren’t allowed in among the stones (there’s an exhibition where you can be placed there virtually, like a 360 surround experience – and there are special tours for sunrise and sunset at the solstices, but that’s not us).

Still, the path takes us from a decent distance (and a host of visual tricks to try) to really fairly close. It’s fascinating. We have a great time.

And also it’s a long day. I nap most of the way back.

Then there’s packing up and organizing stuff for departure to mess with. Naps notwithstanding, we’re all ready for bed very early.