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May 2: Cornwall, England

Original and secondary itinerary: Stockholm Sweden

Tertiary itinerary: At Sea.

Final: Falmouth (Cornwall)

I wake up every couple of hours, anxious about the early morning. We need to go through a security check at one end of the ship before we meet our excursion at the other end. At the same time. It will get worked out.

But that means I’m up and dressed and able to step out on the balcony to snap a few photos of nearby boats on the still-glassy water, this cold crisp morning.

We go through the security check then line up for the water shuttle for our tour. We’re driving out to Lands End, with a stop to see Mt St Michael.

We return to the ship in time for S to make it to her pedicure and P and I to grab some lunch. And to find out the arrangements for our preflight COVID tests.

Tomorrow at 6am. Oy. Well, fingers crossed anyway. A negative test would smooth the flights home and not ruin our last port of call tomorrow.

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  1. Lands End ! Mt St Michaels ! John O’Groats ! Names I remember from a FitBit challenge ! 😊
    Beautiful pictures !

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