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May 1: At Sea @PrincessCruises

(Original itinerary: Helsinki Finland)

(Secondary itinerary: Stockholm Sweden)

We’re not getting to either of those countries after all. Don’t get me started on that. My heart is still broken and although it’s still been lovely in it’s own way, I should have cancelled, saved my PTO time, and gone some other time. I waited 5 years of dreaming and 2 years of COVID travel restrictions. I could have waited longer for the trip I wanted to go on.

Anyway… It’s going to be a sea day! Our last one!

Ok so first of all? There was a form in my cabin last night.

Princess is making me crazy with the travel forms asking for information they should already have.

Days ago: Form #1: Please tell us if you are flying straight home or if you are staying in the UK for a few days post cruise …

Um, what? Y’all made my flight arrangements. That’s what EZ Air means. Why are you asking me this? Did you lose the information? What is the issue here?

But if you ask at the front desk why they are asking for info they should already know, they are very literal about the “why” part of the question and not so much on the “they should already know” part. “We have to ask so we know whether you need a COVID test lined up.“

Ahem. Yeah. I understand that they’d need a count but I still don’t know why they are asking me for this info. They should already know it. There are people they should need to collect a count from, but that isn’t us. We should just already be on the list.

Whatever. Okay then. Fine. There’s the form.

Last night. Form #2: Please tell us

  1. Do you need a transfer off the ship?
  2. To where (which airport or station)?
  3. If Heathrow airport, which terminal?
  4. Which airline?
  5. What is your flight time?

Princess??? Are. You. F***ing. Kidding. Me?

I bought a transfer. From you. I have a ticket and everything. It’s to Heathrow. I had to get it fixed to be for Heathrow when I got on board because someone at EZ Air thought we wanted to go to the bus station to catch our flight. But even so, we sorted that.

Even if that was still messed up: you already know I need to go to Heathrow. You already know I’m flying United. You know the time of my flight. YOU MADE MY GD FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS.

BTW, “which terminal” is extra irritating because it’s obviously not my home airport. We are on this terribly slow ship network to try to find that out. But we try our best and when I go down to the desk and tell them I tried to look it up but wasn’t sure I got it right — the rest of the information lets them tell ME that yes it’s terminal 2.

If you’re able to figure that out why did you ASK for this? Why did you ask for ANY of this?

I am SO over filling out bullshit forms. Just totally over it.

I’m over Princess asking me for info they should already have about arrangement they made. If anything changed they’d be telling ME, not the reverse.

If I wanted to answer questions about topics that they should already know, and be asked to provide information to people that they already have, I could have stayed at work.

I’m also over United not using my security info on file and taking 4 tries to scan in a NEW photo of my passport that it can’t read because of the glare but I’m on a ship and have limited control over lighting in my cabin, and the process timing out over the ship network, and why can’t they use the extensive data on file or accept the photo I took at home so I’d have an emergency copy? Because that would be convenient, I guess?

Oh yes, I am for sure going back to work refreshed and renewed. Totally over my burnout. Can’t you tell?

So anyway… It’s a new day! It’s a sea day! Our last one!

And it actually is a good day. Low key, but good.

We crossed into UK time overnight, according to my phone. The ship, my other device, and about half of the devices we have with us are on Paris time, an hour later. We adjust. I just do fairly simple math all day. 🤣

It’s cold and crisp but not terribly so up on deck in the morning. I do 10 loops on the jogging track and that turns out to get me … less than 6000 steps. SIGH. Well, it’s early.

BTW the ship is beautiful— and constantly in a state of being cleaned, polished, painted. From up on the jogging deck I can see the crew making it beautiful every day.

I go to the Effy auction but don’t buy anything. This is a small victory in itself.

There’s a bracelet I want, but I just cannot justify that kind of spend. And I am so NOT the girl to be showered in jewels. I don’t do “events.” You can’t be as low-social as I am and need bling. I mean if someone wanted to spend $8k (they come down to $6k before the end of cruise but still no) to buy me a bracelet that matches the on-sale ring (uh huh, that’s how they try to get you!) and that I don’t know where I’d never have an occasion to wear, I wouldn’t mind.

But I would be pretty suspicious of your motives. 🤣

The buffet put out their most beautiful dessert display at lunchtime. We didn’t eat everything, I promise. But we did LOOK.

We joined the craft activity, making flowers. S did a great job. I was – less satisfied with my attempt. Ah well, we tried.

I also attended the wine tasting but it was just “eh” also. Except the Asti. That was very nice.

It’s the last formal night but after dinner I could not wait to dress down and go for a walk. Sadly it’s raining out. Not terribly cold but a bit too wet for walking outside. Alas. Back in I go to collect the last charm of the night so I can go to bed. We have a VERY early excursion in the morning.

Other scenes from the ship: one girl from Effy we saw when we were on board 3 weeks ago returns and gets applause to be back – but we are at sea. “Back” from where? Was she in the quarantine on Deck 9? Is that where the other girl on their staff who was here the first two days and hasn’t been seen since went?

I think I’m not supposed to notice.

Well, I mask, so… the ship’s crew and I are doing what we can.

In other news, I’ve started the packing process so it’s not a crunch on the last night.

Rain notwithstanding, the sea is very calm. Visibility is low, because of the rain and clouds, but I’ve seen lakes with more waves. Heck, my pond isn’t generally this still-looking.

Pleasantly smooth for sailing!

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