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April 29: At Sea

(Original Itinerary: St Petersburg but well obviously not now. We weren’t planning to get off there anyway just because tensions and now… well certainly not.)

(Secondary itinerary: Helsinki, Finland but we aren’t getting there either. To me, not seeing Finland and Sweden are the bigger loss.)

An at-sea day for me meant a few rounds around the upper deck, breakfast with the gals, and the charm pickup at Effy. Again, some choices were made. I’m going to need to either find a sugar daddy or change to a more blingy lifestyle.

We popped into Tea Time (see the plate I ordered for S while she ran late)

She loves their scones with clotted cream and jam

We watched a couple of sessions about German and UK culture (learning is good) … and Effy is trying to tempt me into more bad decisions.

We popped into the Captains Circle event to see the commodore. He wasn’t able to join the party though, because we’re in a very busy channel. Work work work.

Music is pretty good also

After dinner I changed and went to walk the track again but after all that I discovered I was still 3000 steps short for the day.

Sigh. Looks like I’ll be pacing for a bit.

From the jogging track.
Cloudy evening but smooth seas.