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April 27: At Sea

It’s cloudy and overcast at sea. The temps are just above 40F – quite cold in the morning, and that will mean that if I want to go outside for my walking I’ll need to bundle up well.

The sun is trying to break through somewhere out there on the sea. Just not quite here.

Otherwise it’s a slow easy day. The seas are very calm. As for us, P hopes to get some laundry done. I’ll maybe start rolling up worn items for packing, so they condense to get in my suitcase by the time we leave.

ship-side wake as we ease along a smooth sea
Craft activity: my try and S’s

There’s the jewelry store raffles (we can’t catch a break) and a formal night dinner.

All day long we are inching toward Germany but not entering German waters until we absolutely have to, as we slowly go around the North Sea wind farm. Which is massive. We must have seen thousands of turbines. At 9pm tonight we will be in German territory: at that point KN95 masks are required everywhere on board except while actively eating/drinking as well as everywhere indoors and on public transportation tomorrow.

German country, German rules. We’ve all been given the accepted masks in our cabins in case we didn’t bring them.

As for our little trio, we do not mind at all. We tend to mask up anyway. S and P are both nurses. To wear a mask all day is not even new-due-to-COVID to them. So: a normal day.

But all that said, it will be an early day tomorrow. And probably an emotionally exhausting one.

Early to bed…

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