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April 26: Kristiansand, Norway

(Original and secondary itinerary: Warnemunde for Berlin, Germany)

Kristiansand is not far from Oslo so we sailed slowly overnight. It was gray and overcast in the morning but by the time we got to port it was already sunnier. Windy as anything, but sunny.

At port in Kristiansand

Our tour today is an archipelago sailing. The coast reminds me of New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Cold, rocky, stark and lovely.

The tour is only a couple of hours long but it’s good to get back on board to warm up.

À tour is running behind schedule so we don’t sail away at 5:30pm as planned.

But by the time we’re finished with dinner it’s goodbye to Norway. For now, anyway.

S is fully cooked and ready to go to bed, having been up since 4am — but P and I decide to try to catch a comedy show (meh) and then swing by the jewelry store for the charm giveaway of the day.

It’s weird how tiring it is to do nothing most of the day. I blame the cold weather and high winds.