adventures abroad

April 25: Oslo, Norway

(Original and secondary itinerary: At Sea)

It’s not a good night for sleeping. It’s not a good morning for connectivity. But it’s a good morning to be in a new country! Greetings from Norway!

Going by as we go into port

Our tour didn’t start until after noon, so I had time to walk the jogging track, run up and back to meet P for breakfast, lay down to try to get some rest (unsuccessful) and have plenty of time to coordinate our meet up to join the tour. That last part proved totally unnecessary because there was only one bus for our tour. But even so: plenty of time.

Then we were off into a bright sunny day to the open air Norsk Folkemuseum…

Then the Vigeland Sculpture Park…

And finally the Holmenkollen Ski Jump…

After all of which, between the unexpected heat of the day, the press of the bus, the under- slept night and the winding roads, I was not feeling very well by the time we returned. We went to dinner though and as usual that was a delightful time. And when I ordered nothing for dessert (because I was starting to feel not-so-great again) Sudesh brought me something we all took a bite of, as well as this…

Awwww thanks that’s so sweet.

Sudesh is a credit to Princess. He’s a credit to people.

It wasn’t even 7pm when I was back up in my room, in PJs and my robe, on the balcony, watching the boats go by.

The sun set on the other side of the ship, and I didn’t feel when we started moving again. The night is inky black. But with my curtains open to the darkness, Norway goes twinkling by as we sail out to sea.

Pretty soon I’ll drift off to sleep. I’m so tired. But this? This is nice.