April 24: Copenhagen departure / at sea

(Itineraries 1-2: Oslo Norway, itineraries 3-4: Skagen Denmark. Actual: Copenhagen until noon – then at sea)

Un. Be. Lieveable.

Ok so never mind that I set up our personal tour (which was wonderful but spendy) because otherwise we wouldn’t get to see Copenhagen because the itinerary changed and we’re no longer returning the way we came.

How about that Princess decided to offer a free tour en route to the ship but didn’t advertise it ahead so we could have decided which to do?

How about that we’re now staying another 16 hours. How about that they’re offering free shuttles into Copenhagen all morning. Not that we want to get up early when we are jet lagged but Come The Heck On.

Okay then. Back to the positives.

We were really tired. Getting up for a 9:30 excursion would have been possible but not pleasant. Waking up naturally just 10 minutes before my coffee order was to arrive, and able to enjoy it at leisure? Fabulous.

Sweden was off our starboard side as we sailed away. It is unfortunately as close as we will get on this trip.

And although it’s bitterly cold outside it’s also quite beautiful. I walked 7 loops on the jogging track (equals one mile) and since I had my lined fleece and my hat and scarf, it actually was pretty nice.

In the evening we had dinner and then joined the 80s music contest at the end. We didn’t win, but we were close. And it was fun.

And after, we jumped into Effy for the raffle (again not winning haha) and our charms for the day.

I got back to my room around 9:30pm, in time to catch the sunset from my balcony.

Incidentally the ship is at half capacity and the connection speed is abysmal. I mean yeah we are at sea but … it’s like dial up speeds. What is this like with a full complement of passengers and staff???