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April 23: Copenhagen Denmark and embarkation

Our tour guide is Ioanna (“Joanna”). She’s taken on touring as a second career post-COVID.

She does it well.

Copenhagen is a fascinating and scenic city. Citizens ride bikes everywhere (even the crown prince, though we don’t happen to see him on this day). And the cherry blossoms are out, bringing everyone out to enjoy them.

We all love it, and yet we are all too desperately tired at the end to really lock in.

We get to the ship post tour and my cabin is nicer than I hoped even if the balcony is microscopic. Still great!

P has a mini suite and her room is large by cruise ship standards but about half the size of what she had been given to expect. Her balcony is phenomenal though. Much larger than otherwise promised. So outdoor space was prioritized for her unit.

Okay well the rest of this day has turned into a tremendous set of technology hurdles and frustrations so … more later.

Ok it’s a little later so one more memo. Grabbed dinner on my own since S was so exhausted it was making her sick and P and I kept missing each other. I actually skipped out of the restaurant without ordering dessert. (Dinner is included so no one was being stiffed – this is not a dine-and-dash scenario at all.)

But about 45 minutes later there’s a knock at my cabin door and it’s someone with my room service order. I tell him I didn’t order room service. He confirms my cabin number and then says, The dining room said to send your dessert to your room.

Sudesh. Lovely, brilliant Sudesh who wasn’t sure if I’d want chocolate or cheese cake so sent one of each to my cabin. (S came by in the morning and ate the cheesecake for breakfast which was perfect because I don’t eat cheesecake and she’d slept right through until morning without seeing the card last night to order breakfast).