Boosted II

I switched up to Moderna for my second booster, just mixing it up after all Pfizer all the time for all my prior doses.

I made an appointment for 6am on a Saturday (ugh). Though when the alarm goes off I wonder what was I thinking, I remember that my thinking was that the store is crazily busy during a normal Saturday but at 6am there would be no traffic getting there (true) and almost no one there (also true) so there would be almost no wait at all because they wouldn’t be too busy.

It’s not a good sign when they seem surprised that you’ve arrived. The appointment, the arrival check in, none of this seems to have passed through to the store.

Well it’s fine. Patience is a virtue and it’s one that is developed through practice. Which is the part we all hate: the practicing of patience. A miraculous gifting of patience would be nice but it’s not how it usually works.

It’s really just a few minutes wait. Despite no customers on site, they are very busy in the pharmacy doing behind the scenes things, filling prescriptions, etc — and I don’t mind. There’s a moment when I can see the web site update, now telling me I have no scheduled appointments and to reschedule (but one hopes that it’s not that they erased my appointment but that I’ve been checked in.

Yes. Checked in. Boosted!

I set a timer for my 15 minute wait. I can’t say that I feel particularly monitored but it is wiser to sit here so in the unlikely event I have any issues, there’s someone around who can call for help.

The only real effect I seem to have is a very sore arm. It leaves me restless when I sleep that night. My tetanus shot didn’t bother me this much.

But in the grand scheme, that’s a small thing. I’m sure in a couple of days that will be behind me.

And it’s good to have as much protection as one can.

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