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A Kenyan-Inspired Meal

Lots of this region’s recipes are some form of porridge made from white cornmeal, or a mashed paste of a vegetable I’m unlikely to find here.

All of those get skipped.

The first recipe I thought I could probably do was Kenyan Nyama Choma– or roasted meat.

Which looked good and pretty easy to make (adjustments for not having a grill) but “plate of meat” does not a meal make.

So I also made Kenyan Sukuma Wiki.

Roasted short ribs.

The short rib recipe, as I said, had to be changed to allow for the fact I don’t have a grill. Also I didn’t think the smell was that nice until they really got done. But slow roasted at 225 for 6 hours (again, no grill) they were tender and juicy. Just misting them lightly periodically with salted water to bring out their own flavors was just the thing.

The Sukuma Wiki, or wilted greens, could be made with either kale or collard greens.

I’ve had kale. In food fashion but blech. I’ve never had collard greens. In fact my main experience of collard greens involved ten tiny turtles, when I was a child.

Sesame Street Video: Ten Tiny Turtles

Anyway, washing the collard greens well was a requirement but the net result was not bad at all.

Ok I might have sneaked in a little spinach too

All in all it was a nice dinner, with multiple food groups and all.

So now I get to look ahead and start scoping recipes for Ethiopia!