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Virtual Great Wall: Wuwei

I’d like to say that perseverance was paying off, but honestly I am barely dragging myself along this trek lately.

Still, a postcard is always welcome. Signs of progress!

The text portion begins by telling me…

In ancient times, Wuwei was an important town along the Hexi Corridor, a significant trading route that connected central China to the western regions. This 620mi (1000km) passage was linked by Wuwei, as its eastern terminus, to Yumen Pass, in the west. The Corridor, an arable plain, was long and narrow, sandwiched between the inhospitable plateaus of Mongolia to the north and Tibet to the south. It became a hub for the ancient silk road.  

So, there’s that. Crossroads and passages. How apropos.

Hope your day leads you in the direction you need to go.