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Kilimanjaro – The Medal

There is something so nice about getting a package in the mail. It’s a refreshing change from most of my mail, which tends to be sales flyers, charity pitches and bill statements.

Okay mostly the first two, thanks to email and texting. My billers can reach me WAY more efficiently.

An order arriving is nice too but in a different way than when my latest virtual challenge medal arrives.

And Christmas cards come but there’s a high risk of glitter, aka craft herpes. Pass.

It’s not that I need the bling. When this year ends I will have filled my medal rack. Still it’s satisfying to watch the rack fill. It gives me a sense of completion.

And today’s addition was the medal for Kilimanjaro:

The back has a zebra and it’s pretty cool.

Another little win and a little boost. I hope your day has a few too!