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Bonus post: Changes to Travel Rules

I heard an interview with a pundit a while back, saying vaccine mandates and testing mandates to fly domestically would be a real problem for the airlines because they’d lose too much business because of it.

So even just setting aside public health safety vs corporate profit as a factor in decision-making, I legitimately wondered if the assumptions are fair.

And here’s why:

I’m an avid traveler. I miss travel with my whole heart. But I’m was not anxious to return to travel in this environment. The one bright spot was that at least vaccination was a requirement for some kinds of travel (cruises etc). At least masking is was required for the flights, trains or buses.

It was because of the rules that I was okay with traveling again.

I am taking all the precautions as I live my life. I am protecting myself via vaccine and boosters, and I wear a mask when I’m indoors in a public space, as much for my good as to protect the unvaccinated and at-risk around me. I can’t know who they are by sight, but I know they exist, so I try.

For quite some time my sense was that the people most comfortable flying have been the people who are least concerned about COVID. Which in my experience tends to overlap heavily with people who are not protecting themselves or others.

Tending not to mask in their own life, not to vaccinate themselves or their families, not to quarantine after an exposure.

Willing to ignore masking requests when they doubt there will be repercussions for it, willing to fight the rule when pushed, willing to do only the absolute minimum – including the mask-under-nose BS move – to performatively comply when the rules could not be thwarted otherwise.

These are not the actions of people exhibiting concern for anyone else’s well-being, let alone their own. It doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the safety of spending a lot of hours shoulder to shoulder in a plane with them.

With mask mandates for us all and a good mask, I was okay to fly.

But with the recent overturn of mask mandates, I’m seriously rethinking travel again. And at the present moment that is NOT good news.

So, gOoD jOb aiRLinEs – drop those mandates as fast as you can (ya morons). Numbers are ticking up and variants are a global threat, but sure, get rid of protections. Why not?

Also: federal judge? You didn’t even wait for arguments to make the decision so… yeah someone tell me how qualified you were for the job and how carefully you weighed that decision. Or maybe — which airlines are in your pocket?

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who will be watching for an airline that cares about protecting its passengers and staff enough to keep masking in place — if for only select flights, select routes, select planes???

So far that’s not any of the major carriers but we’ll see.

For the record, if I’d been on a flight and an announcement was made telling fellow passengers mid-flight that they can now opt to unmask, I would have LOST MY SHIT and that plane would have been landing to get me off.

Because F-Off, that was NOT what I signed up for.

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  1. Ticks me off that airline pilots were announcing over the intercom, “Congratulations — you can take off your masks.” Mid-flight.

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    1. I know it was when I saw that I really lost my mind. THESE PEOPLE GOT ON THE FLIGHT KNOWING THEY HAD TO MASK. Having stay masked until the end of that flight wasn’t costing them anything but may have been protecting someone at risk. Just… CRAZY.


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