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Virtual Great Wall: Terracotta Soldiers

It’s hard to believe I’ve pedaled my way to the 2/3 mark on this challenge, already.

To be fair I pushed a bit the last few days because I was so close to reaching the milestone for this postcard:

The email provides a lot of information about the site and surroundings, including this tidbit:

The amazing discovery of the world-renowned Terracotta Warriors was the accidental work of a small group of farmers digging a well. Imagine their surprise when, instead of finding water, they dug up a head made of terracotta. 

It was 1974 and the archaeologists were in for a treat. The more they peeled back the covers, the more they needed to keep going. Hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers, horses, chariots, armour and weaponry were being revealed.

A total of 4 pits were found, with more than 7000 figures of men, chariots, and horses within them.

What an amazing undertaking to create all that.

What a strange and exciting way for a work project (in this case, well digging) to take an unexpected turn.

Well, you never know what you might stumble upon, do you?

Here’s hoping the surprises in your day are all pleasant ones!