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Virtual Tanzania: Barranco Camp

I barely squeezed in my steps, literally playing beat the clock to get the last step into the day, but my reward is another postcard on the route!

Heading south across the saddle that connects Kibo and Mawenzi, I descended about 1312ft (400m) till I reached Maua Route.  Taking a right turn at the junction, I joined the Horombo-Barafu Trail on an upward westerly approach.  Skirting one of Kibo’s lower ridges the elevation gained from the junction was 3280ft (1000m) slowly inching toward the top of the ridge.  As the local guides say in Swahili “pole pole” meaning “slowly, slowly”.

The email goes on to tell me about staying hydrated on the trail as well as a description of the camp itself. The fictionalized”me” of the postcard settles in for a meal of goulash and a well earned nights rest.

Meanwhile the morning begins here. Let’s make it a good one!