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March 28: Turks and Caicos

Last port of call! Second-to-last cruise day!

Actually, we weren’t scheduled to get into port until after noon, and our excursion, for whale watching, was for close to 2pm. So there was plenty of time to attend events on the ship, walk the jogging track, visit the gym…

Or you know, just laze about for a few hours before popping in at the Effy store for the charm-of-the-day, and the auction.

Choices were made.

After spending some time (and a teensy pinch of money) at the jewelry store, we headed back to cabins to get all sun-screened up to be out on the water.

But the excursion was canceled. Wind, apparently. It was windy. Well, that credit back will definitely help offset the purchase decisions.

So instead we headed up on deck with a beverage and a book, and enjoyed the sea breezes for a while.

Deckside beverages

Then we jumped off the ship just to say we did (I’ve also been to this island once before).

It was a fabulous day and since we were the only ship in port, it was easy to get around and put our feet in the water for a few minutes.

Literally just a few minutes from ship to shore here!

We were back in time for our dinner reservation. S had a spa appointment (mine is for tomorrow) so I walked the open air deck for a few laps. It’s very windy but the air is warm and pleasant.

It would be easy to settle into this life.