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March 27: St Thomas

It’s early in and early out of port today. This is unfortunate because I’d have loved to make it over to St John’s, since I’ve been to St Thomas before.

Excursions to St John aren’t on the docket though, and S and I both need a day to recharge. It’s a slow ease into the day for us. Eventually I get myself sunscreened and go out on deck for a bit. S goes back to rest.

When I get restless I hop off the ship. The port at St Thomas is exactly as I remember it: nothing to see but shopping, and the ships in port.

Our ship

The views are actually better from our own ship’s upper decks.

When S is ready to hop off I go out with her again. It’s a more focused trip, just an hour until we sail, but she can say she visited St Thomas and has the magnet to prove it.

It’s formal night on board, so we’re slightly dressier (neither of us inclined to go full formalwear) but everyone onboard looks beautiful. It’s hard to believe we only have a few days left.