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March 24: Barbados

It’s much rougher seas than we’d like overnight. An incoming text throws off my night’s sleep and then I can’t get back until after I’ve taken down every stray/empty hanger and spaced out anything remaining, to reduce the clatter.

My sea bands are working to keep me from being affected by the waves too much but it’s still not fun. That plus work frustrations incoming from the Asia team at all hours, not conducive to sleep.

So I ended up sleeping later than I planned. But still in time to meet my incoming coffee order. Which is what matters, since we weren’t planning to pull into port until almost midday, so our excursions were slated to depart after lunch.

Of course when I get to the gym and jump on the treadmill at 9:30, I can see that we’re closer to port than expected. Instead of getting in at 11am, we’ll arrive at 10.

That means I want to be out on deck, so off the treadmill I go to walk the jogging track instead. The winds are high but the sun is shining. It’s a bright beautiful morning!

Up the deck and toward Barbados, from the jogging level on Deck 18

Now for the tricky part. Our original excursion time is 1:00pm. We got a notice on the first night that had changed to 1:40pm. Now we’re in port early… is it the old time or the new time?

Old time. We barely make it. I’m sure some people didn’t at all.

Our excursion takes us to three stops: the botanical gardens, the Gun Hill Signal Station, and the Sunbury Plantation.

This isn’t my favorite picture from the botanical gardens but I didn’t get Kathy’s permission to post her image. She was our WONDERFUL tour guide today.
Gun Hill Signal overlooks basically half the island. It’s the best-preserved of the original 6 stations
Sunbury was interesting and beautiful and they served a great 1234 rum punch but it’s a plantation with all that entails. That was never discussed but it made me want to cry a little.

The Bajan people we met were all lovely and we had a great time.

But also a long day. By the time we’d had dinner we both just wanted to head back to our respective staterooms and clean up for sleep.

Early day tomorrow!