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March 23: St Kitts

We’re scheduled to pull into St Kitts at 10am but the Captain Commodore put on a little extra speed last night, hoping to beat the Norwegian ship to the better berth.

Apparently that captain has a similar idea.

Bridge cam this morning. Guess I’ll be getting my steps today headed down the pier 🤣
From the deck: Approaching St Kitts
Also Nevis
Both ships beat out a third for the
primo spots at port. 🤣

Our excursion today was for the St Kitts scenic train.

On the outdoor platform, ready to go.
St Kitts official rules are to be masked at all times and anyway we are all shoulder to shoulder up here.

The scenic rail trip is okay – rum drinks are plentiful if desired, but I don’t want the headache. The sea views are spectacular (if hard to photograph over people’s heads) and we see a few donkeys, herds of goats, and a pasture of cows along the way.

We pass the place where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet. We don’t really get a great angle to see the difference side by side though.

We stop back in port to grab a bite of fish and chips cooked fresh and hot. (The fish was absolutely delicious btw)

S is disappointed to discover there’s no High Tea today to get her clotted cream fix. Must be only on at-sea days.

But all in all it’s a pleasant day – and a new country visited!

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