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March 21-22: At Sea

I set the alarm for 5 minutes before my (too early, what was I thinking) breakfast delivery. Good thing; my cabin is the first (or last) one on the floor. They arrived a moment later, also ahead of schedule.

The coffee was good. The juice was good. The muffin thing was… fine for what it was.

The big fail was actually because I ordered plain yogurt and muesli to put in it (because granola wasn’t an option). Quick swap in the kitchen where they assumed the muesli was for a separate order as a breakfast cereal. So they swapped it for Frosted Flakes.

Look Frosted Flakes are a fine cereal if I’d wanted cereal but I wanted something to mix into yogurt. That’s not… um… no.

Anyway, the coffee is really good.

The other small hiccup (for S) is that I got my breakfast just before 7 (again I said 7-7:30 and they were early). So did the cabin two doors to my left. That meant they knocked on my door (to the right of S) and then their door to her left but everything is close and she thought they were knocking on HER door. So she mad-scrambled to her door in the dark not sure what was wrong, because she wasn’t planning to be up for a couple of hours.

Nope, nothing wrong except that the doors are close by, and our neighbors are on my schedule not hers.

She takes things in stride but an interrupted sleep doesn’t make for the best-feeling day.

Even so, it was a good and somewhat low-key day. We attended the jewelry raffles, watched movies, attended talks and receptions. It would be altogether too easy to eat, drink or sleep our way along the entire cruise. It’s good we eventually get to some ports!

Sunset at sea

Our second at-sea day also eased into existence. We ordered breakfast for a little later, but they were still early. My office was busy sending me emails like it was going out of style but only one person seems to be incapable, despite the auto-reply, of understanding I am away. Well good luck with that then, cuz I’m not there to deal with your clearly-not-an-emergency, and I’m not answering.

We attended another jewelry raffle and the port overview presentation. Then S had wanted to go join the craft activity if we could get in, so we went and did that. The project was to make a butterfly but S made a boat and I made a flower and a good time was had by all.

My little art project. I threw in a butterfly at the end just because #RuleFollower

We had signed up for the wine tasting session in the afternoon, made it to afternoon tea (S loves the scones with clotted cream) and had a bit of time to rest before it was time to go to the Captain’s Circle reception.

Wine tasting prep

After the reception and dinner, we strolled the deck to find the Retreat pool area, and the jogging track, and then watched a Movie Under the Stars.

Stars, Sea Breezes, Cozy Blankets,
Popcorn, In the Heights

We’re enjoying this sailing life, on relatively smooth seas. It’s just a temporary respite but it’s nice while it lasts!