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March 20: Sail Away

S and I operate on different schedules. Last time we traveled together was prepandemic so if I wake up earlier than she does (as I typically do) it would be a small thing to creep out and get breakfast, do my Duolingo lessons, ease into my morning.

That’s a bit harder in a pandemic existence. Sure I can creep out, but with a cruise ship (potential petri dish) in my immediate future, finding a place outside our own room, where I safely unmask to actually eat that breakfast (read as, sip that coffee) is more of a challenge.

Still I did eventually find a little breakfast nook to drink my coffee, read my Scripture, do my morning puzzles and French lesson, and – this being Sunday – listen to the church service MP3.

First person today to realize the pool area is available

For a while I shared this space only with the odd mosquito, tiny lizards, and one duck foraging in the grassy area just behind me.

Apparently following me out also.

So that was my pre-cruise vibe. By mid morning, it was time to pack ourselves back up and prepare to head to the ship!

There were a few little glitches. Like the cruise company network went down briefly, and none of their ships could check anyone in.

That was brief though.

We walked around the ship, starting to get our bearings. The pizza was surprisingly good (we were hungry so that probably helped).

We had good intentions of going to the evening events and seeing a Movie under the Stars but… well honestly we were pretty wiped out.

But there’s days at see ahead. Much to see and do then.