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Virtual Great Wall: Zhongwei

Trying to make up my slacked-off miles by pedaling my short little legs off, gets me the reward of another postcard!

Zhongwei is a small city located on the northern bank of the Yellow River. North of the city and on the edge of Tengger Desert are remnants of the Great Wall. It was built during the Qin Dynasty (210 BC – 259 AD), when China was unified for the first time and served as a minor pass during the Ming era.

After going on to tell about how the wall has been swallowed by the encroaching desert on one side, and industrialization on the other, it goes on to say…

The main landmark in the city is the maze-like structure of Gao Miao Temple, where China’s three main religions - Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism - are combined into one. The temple has a staggering number of pavilions, up to 260, that are connected with bridges, leading up and down between levels. It is beautifully decorated in bright colours with Chinese dragons on its rooftops, bells hanging off the eaves and more than hundred religious sculptures inside.

And then finishes up talking about the underground statues depicting a vision of hell.

Quite the way to close an email…

Or a blog post, I suppose.