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Virtual Tanzania: New Pofu Camp

As I approach the 40% mark on the Mt Kili challenge, I arrive (virtually) at New Pofu Camp:

The rest of the email tells me more about the climb, the elevation, and more of the flora along the way, including this quick excerpt.

A heather and moorland zone, the plateau was filled with grasses, wild flowers and the unusual looking ‘Dendrosenecio kilimanjari’ a giant flowering plant from the sunflower family.  Another beautiful and endemic plant to Tanzania found on the plateau was the ‘Lobelia deckenii”.  Growing for several decades with multiple rosettes, the Lobelia produces one large inflorescence and hundreds of thousands of seeds, then dies. Due to the multiple rosettes the plant continues to reproduce and flower repeatedly. 

Getting to this point was a challenge in itself; after days of falling behind on my daily distance goals, this day I managed to get both my pedaling and steps in… hitting the 16K step target just moments before midnight.