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Virtual Tanzania: Kili

So off I go (by which I mean, pacing in my own home) to pursue the Mt Kilimanjaro challenge. Or Kili for short. Even the email portion of the first postcard tells me so.

After a bit of detail about the history, the routes and the climate types, it puts us in the place of a climber getting started …

The route begins at Lemosho Glades at 7380ft (2100m) above sea level.  Standing at the Lemosho Gate I was surrounded by a dense rainforest very clearly indicating what I would be experiencing on the first stage of my climb.  The path was narrow but very well maintained.  Either side was a green wall of deep foliage with light filtering through the canopy.

So here I go.

And whatever challenges you’re facing today – even those that seem uphill indeed – may you be granted strength to persevere and glimpses of beauty to brighten your journey.