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Changing Gears

In the spirit of synchronicity, i managed to align a couple of items:

  • I got my Virtual India postcard for Holi posted here on time for the actual Holi festival (even if that meant a lot of India posts in a row, as you may have noticed)
  • I reached the 40% milestone for Virtual India (Golden Triangle challenge) and planted another tree, yay!
  • I now have Mt Kilimanjaro in sight on the Virtual African Loop (VAL)!
Up in the upper right corner of Tanzania:
Mt Kilimanjaro

So with all those items aligning, I’m taking the nice neat breakpoint on the India challenge and shifting gears, pausing my efforts in India, and working Tanzania for both the VAL and Mount Kilimanjaro challenges.

And if you’re wondering about Stand with Ukraine– yea I also fit that it. I pedaled it in a single day. Which was a lot. But whether fighting or seeking refuge, the people of Ukraine are also dealing with a lot.