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Virtual India: Agra Fort

It took a couple of days, but finally some postcards arrived again.

The email tells me more:

After crossing Yamuna River, I made my way to Agra Fort, the Mughals’ former residence when Agra was the capital of the empire, prior to its relocation to Old Delhi. It was built in the 1560s by Akbar (3rd emperor) as a military base and royal residence. The fort’s bastioned outer wall has a semi-circular shape with two entrances. 

Inside the fort are several buildings of interest. Beginning with the largest building, the Jahangiri Mahal. It was built by Akbar for his son, Jahangir, but it was initially used as a palace for the women of the royal household and, when Jahangir succeeded his father, it was used by his wife, the mother of Shah Jahan.

The Shish Mahal (The Glass Palace) was part of Shah Jahan’s summer palace. The inner walls and ceilings were inlaid with thousands of small mirrors, twinkling in the semi-dark interior.

There’s more, of course. But it’s been a long day of walking to get this far. More tomorrow!