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Virtual India: Truck Art

As I look ahead on the Virtual India trek, I am in a big push to align on dates. So for the next few days I’d just take a few days to share some of the postcards!

The first few paragraphs of this postcard from The Conqueror:

It is a long way between Delhi and Agra. Connected by a major highway, my travel could have been monotonous and mundane, except there was a constant stream of vibrantly coloured trucks that sparked and stimulated my visual senses.
As India’s economy grows, trucks play a crucial role in transporting goods all over the country. Drivers spend weeks and sometimes months on the road, making the truck their home. Here they cook, eat, sleep and sometimes share the space with co-drivers.
To make their nomadic life more palatable, drivers paint their trucks inside and out. No two trucks are the same. The artwork is very personal and a reflection of the driver’s personality, tastes, beliefs, values and often a reminder of home and their families. 

I hope you’re finding ways to bring creativity and self-expression into your daily life too!